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We invite local actors to come to the LMP and get involved in our shows. Scheduled upcoming auditions are listed below. Unless otherwise noted, all auditions are held at the Laurel Mill Playhouse, 508 Main St., Laurel, Maryland.

Next Scheduled Auditions

Auditions for The Curious Savage will be held on:

  • March 28, 2017 at 7:00 PM

Director Nick Cherone will be casting:

Florence Williams
Florence, a woman in her late twenties, is an inmate at The Cloisters. She is naturally elegant and maternal, and her warm smile always lightens the mood. She believes that the doll that she carries around is, in fact, her five-year-old son, John Thomas. She is polite and kind to everyone, making sure to always have proper etiquette.

Hannibal, a man in his thirties, is an inmate at The Cloisters. He is described as "pink, plump, and cherubic." He is gifted at mathematics, and he used to be a statistician for the government; he uses math constantly and often muses on such things as the placement of body parts. He believes that he is a master of the violin, but in reality he cannot play.

Fairy May
Fairy May, a woman in her early twenties, is another inmate at The Cloisters. She believes she is beautiful despite her unkempt appearance: she is pale and slender with frazzled hair, unflattering dresses, and wide-rimmed glasses. Her energy and light-hearted attitude are always amusing but sometimes annoying. She is a compulsive liar, inventing fantastical stories about her childhood that are clearly not factual.

Jeff, one of the inmates at The Cloisters, is a handsome man of about twenty-five. He is more quiet and reserved than some of the other inmates, but he possesses a maturity that surpasses his age. He fought in World War II, but quit before his plan was shot down. He believes that this has left him with physical scars on his face, when really he possesses only emotional scars. He is married to Miss Willie, which is revealed at the end of the play.

Mrs. Paddy
Mrs. Paddy, the final inmate at The Cloisters, is a stout, middle-aged woman of "awesome ferocity." She is hostile and detached from the other inmates. When her husband told her to shut up, she decided never to talk again; now she merely lists the countless things that she hates. She frequently paints "seascapes," which consist of one undulating line. While she may come across as vicious and stubborn, she expresses her affection for Mrs. Savage at the end of the play.

Miss Willie
Miss Willie is the nurse at The Cloisters. She is very compassionate, treating the inmates with warmth and respect despite her occasional frustration. She used to be an army nurse but has worked at The Cloisters ever since her husband, Jeff, was admitted there. She enjoys her job and has never let any inmate pay her to escape.

Dr Emmett
Dr. Emmett is the doctor at The Cloisters. S/he is rational and calm, trating every situation with composure and sensibility and providing an authority figure to the inmates. S/he acts as the voice of reason in the sanitarium, genuinely caris about the inmates and wanting them to enjoy their stay at The Cloisters.

Titus, one of the Savage step-children, is a wealthy, successfully businessman. He is aristocratic, stuck-up, and greedy, just like his siblings. He looks upon the inmates in The Cloisters with scorn and disgust, and he always acts very pompously. He is disrespectful to everyone around him, including his brother and sister.

Lily Belle
Lily Belle, the sister of Titus and Samule, is tall, thin, and very chic. She is self-confident and assured, but has a quick temper. She has been romantically involved with many men in the past, and her various past relationships are often ridiculed by her siblings and stepmother. Lily Belle is stubborn, stuck-up, and very materialistic. She is rumored to sleep wearing a tiara.

Samuel, the third Savage sibling, is less pretentious than the other two. He is short, awkward, and undistinguished, seeming to follow whatever his siblings do and say. He seems to have the least power among the Savage step-children.

Mrs. Savage
Ethel Savage is an eccentric woman who desires to fulfill the dreams of others. She has a small and youthful face with bright, expressive eyes, making her always seem amused and cheerful. Her hair has a blue tint, and she always carries around a large teddy bear. She is kind and accepting, not judging any of the inmates despite their obvious quirks. While initially resistant to staying at The Cloisters, by the end she expresses her desire to live there permanently. In contrast with the other inmates, Mrs. Savage is peculiar yet still maintains an accurate perception of herself and of the world around her.

Please bring headshot, resume and conflicts between date of audition and ?June 25, 2017. Also bring a prepared comedic monologue 1-2 minutes in length. The Director will have some monologues available also. See below.

While the director would prefer to hear each auditioner perform a monologue of his or her own choosing, he also recognizes that choosing ones own monologue could be a daunting proposition. If you would prefer, you are welcome to prepare one of the following monologues from the show for your audition. It would be ideal to have audition monologues performed from memory, but that isn't a requirement.

Hannibal (pg. 25)
Fairy knows that I used to be a statistician. My last position was with the government, charting trends. I was supposed to keep my finger on the pulse of the public and my ear to the ground. It was a very vulnerable position. I was fired and replaced by an electronic calculator. I don't hate electricity like Mrs. Paddy--but I did want to make money with my brains. So I spent the next two years trying to think of something that could be made for a dime--sold for a dollar--and was habit-forming. I'm afraid that my education was wasted.

Dr. Emmett (pg. 75)
Jeffrey sees only what he wants to see--an excuse for not facing the future. Does Florence see that her child was taken from her? Does Fairy see what the mirror should tell her? No. They've found refuge in an egg-shell world where you don't belong. For you see yourself clearly, I'm sure. You belong in the world you can best serve. The impulse to live your life with courage was right. Go ahead with your Memorial. And don't be betrayed by the illusion of contentment. The door is open for you. Make your peace with loneliness.

Performances are scheduled to run from June 2, 2017 to June 25, 2017.

For more information, please contact producer Maureen Rogers at 301-452-2557 or e-mail , or e-mail the theatre at .